Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Take No Notice Of Note-Taking

Every poker-room lets you take notes. But how easy is it? And how easy is it to read those notes? Can you float the mouse to do the latter? Click once, to start the former? A bare minimum, surely, given the speed of online games.

Who’s worrying? We're not taking notes anyway. It’s far too much effort. Who needs to know if the latest pre-flop raise or bet from mrfish, or some such innocent sounding name, is part of a long line. Or whether sharky has been limping into way too many pots. Or mthrfkr (do all online poker players have the imagination of a two-year-old?) will never shift off a hand.

God knows it’s hard enough to put opponents on a range of hands without muddying the waters with their tendencies. You don't need a casino’s note-taking ability.

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