Saturday, 20 June 2009

A Honeypot

I frequently wonder what's happened to various folk that have passed through my life. In idle moments I Google some of them, without much success. Recently I have read about the concept of a honeypot, often used by agencies to trap hackers and spammers. Instead of searching for these people, let them find you. It’s a technique that relies on people’s natural curiosity about themselves. Who hasn't typed their own name into a search engine to see what comes up?

In this case the theory is that I list old acquaintances, along with something that would link them back to me (I've known an Andy Williams but he never sang Moon River) and they may find this page. So, that's the generally interesting bit over and if you don't believe you fall into the long-lost of my life, I can save you the trouble of reading any further.

Let me start with someone for whom I must take my mother’s word. When we lived in Southampton back in the late 1950’s I used to play with the daughter of the Hampshire and West Indian cricketer, Roy Marshall. I think they lived near us in Evelyn Crescent, Shirley.

Of a later vintage, after we had moved to Winchester, I have an enigmatic entry in my diary for December 18, 1962: “Ruth died, my friend.” She may have been six or seven at the time. I've long meant to check something like the Hampshire Chronicle records for this one. I assume she went to Weeke Infants (or Primary) School.
I also have a possible memory of being in her house, a large rambling affair on the corner of Andover and Park Roads. A more modern building now occupies the site.

Other entries in this diary mention Richard Ashton but I know where he is now, so I can test this theory and subtly prompt him in this direction. Also from the Weeke schools, 1961 to 1967 including the Junior, are: Rob McDonald (but is that MacDonald?); Gillian Palmer of 39 Bereweeke Avenue; Anthony Gilbert, Vernham Road; Sally Williams from Teg Down; Andy Woodward (OK, I know where he is too); a girl called Michelle, I think, who gave me my only Valentine’s card until I was twenty-five. Boo-hoo, there's a whole sob-story about that. I could find some of these characters without too much effort but, hey, I’m lazy.

I’ll continue the list in Part Two.

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