Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What We Don't Know We Don't Know

I’m very detached about the state of the planet these days. Oddly, the recent success of the BNP brought this home to me. I commented to a friend that the Greens have had seats in the Euro Parliament for years without making the slightest impact on policy, so why worry about one fascist in the building? Cynical or what?

But I do care about the environment. Not so much for the human race as for all the other species we'll drag down with us and indeed Earth itself – still as far as we know the only place like it in the universe. It’s sickening and frustrating, which is a mere irritation compared with the bother of being abused, persecuted, slaughtered and finally driven to extinction. How would albatrosses, say, feel about this, if they could feel and express it?

One small incident reported by the RSPB, concerning a bird of prey but part of an endemic problem in Malta, is typical. The final episode of Planet Earth provided grim statistics. It goes on and on and it’s up to us to feel the pain.

I guess that's part of the motivation behind this blog. We don't even know the half of what's out there, so how can we feel for it? Surely we could just get present to the fantastic riches that are available right now in the wild world without having to consume them at all. And keep being present to them.

I certainly want to spread the awareness and if I can entertain at the same time, then job done.

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