Thursday, 25 June 2009

Poker Yo’s

This is a sort of double pun. Compared with my previous woes, I may be tempted to utter, “Yo!” for my current run. And it may be the up half of a yo-yo’s journey (although which yo is up and which down is debatable).

I did buy Collin Moshman’s sit’n’go book, having had just a solitary third place in four of Titan’s $5 SNGs (that's sit’n’go’s; how do you spell the plural of go?) I hit immediate paydirt with a win and then slumped to my habitual losing streak – six games this time – then copped another win. At that stage I could have convinced myself that I had improved – $44 to enter; $50 back. At around six hours of poker, though, it was hardly going to pay the bills.

However, that last result started a sequence of: win; loss; third; second. That's $28 profit in under four hours. Hmmm. Maybe Collin has something for me.

I need to repair my bankroll before I can venture up to the $10 game but this has certainly been a more lucrative enterprise than the long-shot of the multi-table tournaments. I’m trembling on the precipice; but I do a lot of trembling at poker. I may not tremble today though: a marsh warbler has been singing at Otmoor lately and I could go for that.

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