Thursday, 11 June 2009

Poker Woes

My God! It just got worse. Now I can't win a hand, let alone a tournament. Here's my latest list of exits:

  • My KK meets AA;
  • JJ knocks out my QQ;
  • A5s overtakes my AJ;
  • A8s knocks out my 22;
  • My AKs fatally meets KK;
  • KQ overtakes my A8;
  • My AT meets TT to knock me out.

It goes on for game after game after game of good hands either meeting monsters or being overtaken by the river. Bad beat stories, all of them of course, and part of the poker player’s lot, so I promise never to bore you with them again.

Yet I’m still within bankroll, to the tune of over $200 if I could ever figure out how to get my money out of Neteller. One of the poker mags recently printed a letter complaining about them, so I wonder if they're quite delivering the goods.

All together, I’m losing a lot of enthusiasm. Maybe this blog will save me financially. Please feel free to press the Donate button. (Just joking.)

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