Sunday, 21 March 2010

Play Cash Games

Let's assume no-limit hold’em here. You can take a certain wodge of your bankroll to the table and replenish it from time to time. Unlike a tournament (barring the rebuy variety, which is a whole other snake’s nest), there's no limit to what you can lose.

Uh, yes there is: your bankroll is the limit and you really don't want to lose that.

Maybe you have iron discipline and can pull out of tables that are bleeding you dry. Even so, consider who it is that may be sucking your lifeblood away. The pro’s don't bother with tournaments. They grind away day after day on the cash tables. They keep on doing it.

They’re not sadists. They're making a profit, albeit a slow, steady one. They're making a profit. Out of... who?


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