Monday, 17 August 2009

Cormorant, Redditch


Not exactly a headline grabbing species but in more than ten years association with the place, including living in it for several months and twenty-four visits to Arrow Valley Park, I have never seen a cormorant here. The Park it was that held one today and therein may be a clue: it is a fishing park. The angling community’s main take on cormorants is to kill them. Google “cormorant angling” and check out what comes back to get a flavour. Even the BBC calls the birds “greedy and vicious”, exclusively human traits, I would have said.

I don't take that crap about minorities giving the majority a bad name on board either. Fishing to eat I can understand. Fishing to haul some hapless creature out of its natural environment and asphyxiate, I don't get. Even catch and release hardly seems a pleasant way to behave towards a creature. Imagine if birdwatching were like that!

The idea of at the very least hurting something must surely be ingrained in the psyche of hunters. Not much chance they'll think outside that particular box for any obstacle to their gratification, like a cormorant. Really, their parents should have drummed the spoilt two-year-old out of their systems.

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