Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sabine’s Gull, Upton Warren

Sabine’s Gull

My good friend, Midlands Birder, was at the twitch for tonight’s flight in of this handsome arctic breeder. It must be a little way off its course from Greenland or Canada to Africa: some birds skim our western shores but rarely reach as far inland as Worcestershire. I was lucky enough to pick it out as it flew and so got the full benefit of its striking black, white and grey wing pattern.

It’s a beautiful thing. And British bird number 277 for me.


  1. you wish,a yellow tip to the bill like that,still an amazing bird,nice to meet you there
    just out of interest did you have it on the floor,or didnt you manage to squeeze in at the hide it was chock full

  2. Everyone was very civilised and allowed those "on the ground" to cycle (not on bikes obviously!) through the hide, so I got views through Dave's telescope. Think I may go for a September tick tomorrow...

  3. i found that too,the birders at the front quickly gave up there positions so others could look,being young everbody thinks that i should get a look at the bird so i got to the front quickly,had a quick look through my scope got a video and left,nice to see it stuck around for all this time.i hope it sticks untill next saturday so i can get it on my september list


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