Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bogey Bird #1: Dotterel

BirdGuides has been reporting a trip of dotterels up in Nottinghamshire the last few days and I was due to drive to Scotland today. The perfect route for me to take? It would, had my car been ready, which could be turning into a saga in itself, but not for now.

In any case, I can't get to them, nor to the more recent and closer ones in Derbyshire, and this is why they're a bogey bird. Over the years I have tried for them up Glas Maol in Angus, in the Cairngorms, on Carnethy Hill, south-west of Edinburgh, and latterly on Bredon Hill. Can another year pass without adding them to my world list?

Trapped in Redditch, I had another shot at Titan’s $15 tournament this morning. The entry fee, or time of day, seems to trim the field to a manageable 130 or so and the prize is a decent $600-ish. I make a habit of lasting to the first break but not in good shape and so have to move soon after. This usually results in my exit. Out of five attempts I have once been sailing into the bubble only to self-destruct one position off. By my calculations I can have another thirty goes before it becomes a losing proposition. That's the joy of hitting first place.

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