Saturday, 30 May 2009

Marylebone, 2008: First Stop to Western Australia

Red Kite

I decided to hire a campervan for the Adelaide-Cairns leg. It would be school and Christmas holidays, and I had to find accommodation every night for eight weeks. I needed the widest possible choice and I didn't want to be hunting around for motels in the outback. Would a van be cost-effective against renting a car? It seemed that it would but in the event there was nothing in it: certain unforeseen expenses cropped up. On the plus side I did surprise myself by spending every night bar one in the van; I had expected at least a few in the comfort of a hotel.

So, flights booked through to Auckland, nights in Singapore, Perth and Adelaide, car for Western Australia and van to get me to Cairns, I stowed myself, new suitcase and small backpack for cabin baggage and laptop into a taxi for the first couple of miles down to Redditch station. I wasn't going to make a habit of taxis but I certainly wasn't piling that lot into a Redditch bus.

Saturday, November 22, 2008, mid-morning and the train up to Birmingham to connect with the Marylebone Flyer. At about fifteen quid, I was already saving money on getting to London. I didn't need the fastest route: my flight wasn't until mid-evening and Chiltern Railways take you through... well, the Chilterns, stamping ground of red kites and a good start to the trip list.

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