Friday, 17 July 2009

Sharpen those Sea Bird Identification Skills!

Hey, I get a mention as a volunteer in a sea bird survey press release. It’s only two weeks away. Yikes! I need to get my skates on. For starters, I still want a new tripod. I’m sure it will be necessary, so I’m taking myself off to Focus Optics at Corley today. I may even sneak in a visit to Kingsbury at the same time. It depends on the weather.

Which, continuing the metaphor, leads me to the second skate. I’ll need some protection against wet weather, especially given the present deluge conditions. I don't think my weedy little poncho will stand up to a good Cornish battering. I’ll be after one o’ they there spiffy Gore-Tex cagoule-type thingies. Ah, Jim lad! Oops, I'd better cure myself of that before venturing west.

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