Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tournament Poker Doldrums

Since the previous euphoria at changing my sit’n’go poker strategy along the lines of Mr Moshman, my bankroll is now only recovering by degrees. In fact, another recent run of six losses has left me pretty much at the level of my last post. Along the way I did manage another milestone – two first places on the bounce. The game truly is a yo-yo.

I’m running some post-game analysis with a thirty-day free trial of SitNGo Wizard. It’s told me two things. Shoving under-the-gun, even when about to be blinded out (as both Moshman and Snyder advise), is a money-loser. Of course, I understand that bleeding slowly to death is also a money-loser. Perhaps the message here is that you're truly fucked with a stack of only five or six big blinds. Exit in a blaze of glory; or drag your bloody corpse the closest you can to the bubble? It’s all the same.

Second, I don't push enough heads-up from the small blind or when I have the big stack. Well, at least I can cure these. It just takes a little more balls.

Balls? Yo-yos? What game am I playing here?

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